The Cynic Writes About Gaming

I’ve never been able to do anything “right”.  I remember the first time I went to the library in school.  I’d just moved from Montana and the only person I knew was my cousin, and by extension, his best friend.  We all trekked down to the library and began to find our books for the week.  The girls went looking for books about kittens, puppies, and horses; the boys went looking for trucks and dinosaurs.  Well, since I only knew boys, I went with them and discovered dinosaurs.  When I got in line to check the book out one of the other girls told me, in a very serious tone, “That’s not a girl book, you can’t take that out.”  Was I chagrined?  Did I change my mind?  Nope.  I shrugged and smiled and checked out that book; I read it and I liked it.

Over the years I’ve done a lot of things “wrong”.  A lot of those things have been in the past decade.  Since finishing my BA in 2002 I’ve made some choices that people wouldn’t expect, and I’m quite happy with the direction my life has taken.  I have cats, but I’m not a ‘cat lady’.  I have my MFA in fiction writing, and while I’ve been trained to analyze literature, I prefer to apply that knowledge to current trends in gaming.  To me, games are about more than puzzles and platforming: they require characters and engaging stories to be interesting, and analyzing just what does that fascinates me.

I have a BA and an MFA, but prefer fantasy novels over modern literary fiction, most of which bores me.  I wrote speculative fiction for my MFA thesis, when I was initially encouraged to write literary.  I challenged myself to write speculative fiction in a literary manner.  I analyzed novels and elements of writing, which I now apply to gaming.  I go to conferences and conventions not on writing or teaching, but gaming and general “participatory culture” (academic speak for nerdery and fandoms).

So what does this make me?  A writing gamer with a cynical view.   Or a cynical gaming writer.  There are many ways to arrange it, but either way, this is me, and this is my blog.  I want to capture my thoughts and observations about gaming, writing, and then general cynical observations about life.  Are cynical observations for everyone?  No, and I don’t want peole to think I’m out to offend, but there are some things I just feel like saying.  People have opinions; and people includes me.

With that said, it’s time to enjoy my final day of Christmas vacation by… what else?  Gaming and writing.  Off to take an arrow to the knee.  Or get nommed by dragons.  Either way, I plan on enjoying it!


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