Sincere Apologies!

Oh my.  I haven’t blogged in at least six weeks.  There are some really good reasons for that.

1. I’ve had a major life change (for the good, no worries).  I’ll call him Bard (the way MLHawke calls her husband Paladin and her daughter Kender).  He is a gamer and we’re wonderful together.  But in these early stages of being a duo, it’s taking a lot of time.  This is in no way a bad thing.

2. I’ve been preparing for PAX East, which wrapped up on Sunday the 8th.  I spent pretty much all of March with Bard looking forward to going to PAX East, which has also given me a lot to blog about on many different levels.

5. I built a costume for PAX East, which took most all my free time from when I started the actual build up until the convention itself.  When I wasn’t gaming with Bard and/or our mutual friends, or spending time with Bard, I was building this.  I actually only put on my xBox during the entire build to have a movie on as background.

But now that the dust of PAX is settling and Bard and I are easing into a routine, I think I can be back to my blog.  I have a lot that’s been on my mind, and a lot that I’m ready and raring to write about.  So again, apologies; I didn’t mean to temporarily abandon my blogging (or anything or anyone else), so now I’m back!


10 comments on “Sincere Apologies!

    • Thanks 🙂 The armor build was CRAZY, and I kept thinking “I should really update my blog” but couldn’t seem to do it. But there will be plenty of pix from pax!

  1. PAX East pix on the blog…. that’s something ELSE I have to do…. grr…

    PAX East – AWESOME defined! Not to mention…


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  3. Well I’m certainly very happy to hear that you’ve been doing well lately! I’ll likely be creeping through your PAX photos soon to see what happened. From what I have seen of your costume, though, it looks fantastic 🙂

    • Thanks! It was a lot of work, and though it may not have been on par with some of the other costumes there, for my first one I was exceptionally proud of what I’d gotten done. And it was just awesome to be there in costume!

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