30 Days of Video Games: Day 11, Game System of Choice

I’ve always played primarily console games from the time I was young.  I had the NES, then the Sega Genesis.  In college I had a roommate with a Nintendo 64.  When I graduated college and then started working and had the money, I bought myself a new console.  I went with the GameCube, so I could play Metroid Prime, since I was on a Metroid kick.  I also got a GameBoy Advance SP so I could play Metroid Fusion; and then I got a GameBoy Player so I could link the two!  My brother left me his PS2 when he moved to California and I played a lot on that, but my history was largely Nintendo-based.

But two years ago I found the need to get a current-generation console.  I did some research.  The Wii was fun, but I didn’t care for the game selection.  There weren’t a lot of third-party-developed games.  The PS3 seemed like a good choice, but I didn’t see anything certain about backwards compatibility.  I had quite a few PS2 games, and would have liked to be able to play them on a new system, especially since I’d be trading in the old one.  But a lot of my friends had the xbox 360.  I researched its capabilities and its games.  There were some first party games I liked, and a lot of third party developed games that looked good as well.  Most of my friends had it, so we could play together and communicate.  I settled on purchasing the xbox 360.

When I got it, I also purchased a gold xbox Live! membership.  With that membership I had access to streaming Netflix and streaming radio, among other things.  I saw it as more of an investment than expenditure, because of all I could do with it.  I’ve had my 360 for two years now and still love what it can do.  Lately I haven’t had much time to game, but its capabilities as a DVD player and a Netflix streamer have been awesome.  The game selection is one that I’m happy with, and there have been very few games coming out that I’ve seen and wanted but weren’t available on the 360.

As the 360’s capabilities increase, with the Kinect and so forth, I’m sure I’ll need to upgrade eventually.  But for now, the xbox 360 is my game system of choice.


2 comments on “30 Days of Video Games: Day 11, Game System of Choice

  1. Yeah, I enjoy my 360. I’m kind of an introverted homebody and I’ve made some good friends through it. I wouldn’t bother with the Kinect until the next gen, from the people I know that have it there are still quite a few kinks to workout. Unless you can pick one up for a steal of course.

    I’m a wee bit wary of my TV being able to watch me while I watch it… Give’s me the Orwell heebie-jeebies!

  2. My favorite console is the PS2. I love it to bits. Of the current generation consoles (well, if I forget the Wii U, as it complicates things), I don’t know what I like most (I have all three of that generation, like I said, if I forget the Wii U). The Wii and PS3 are probably tied for me. I was actually able to find some pretty good games on the Wii, and I’m a big Nintendo fan. And the PS3 is great because I can continue the game series I loved on the PS2. (And it doesn’t bother me too much that my PS3 is not backwards compatible because, frankly, I couldn’t bear to no longer use my darling PS2 anyway.)

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