30 Days of Video Games: Day 12, A Game Everyone Should Play

Being a gamer is about more than just playing games.  Every gamer has his or her own unique personality and tastes.  Some like sports games and will rush out for the latest Madden.  Others will gravitate primarily toward RPGs, and even then, it’s a question of turn-based or not.  Some like real-time strategy, others prefer platformers, still more shooters… the list can continue on and on.  I am by no means an expert, and actually, Bard and I just discussed this as I started typing this post.  I considered something specific, he said he’d approach it with something more generic… even then, among two lifelong gamers the concept of a game everyone should play varies quite a bit!

But we both agreed that everyone should play Super Mario Bros. 3.

Mario 3 holds the record for being the highest grossing video game to date, and has appeared on numerous top ten games lists in various online and print publications.  It’s a side scrolling platformer that can provide a challenge, but is definitely accessible.  Though the graphics are still clearly in the NES era, they are a step up from the 8-bit graphics.  The music is catchy, the worlds differentiated and fun.  The enemies have a comforting familiarity to them, while still having enough new and different baddies to make things interesting.

In terms of Mario and his game play through the levels, the game gives all sorts of new and fun abilities.  With the raccoon tail, Mario can get up enough speed to fly.  With the frog suit, Mario glides through the water levels.  He can hop in a boot that stomps enemies flat or get a tanuki suit that allows him to turn into a statue and remain invincible to enemies.  With the hammer suit he can throw hammers at the bad guys.

As far as bad guys go, it’s more than your standard goombas and koopas, and the bosses are more than just Bowser lookalikes, and the objective is better than a Princess in another castle.  All the airships are different, and all the Koopalings have different abilities.  All in all it’s a blast, and a good time.  In fact, Bard mentioned he has a working copy of it and we can play it tonight!

Because of all the fun aspects of this game, and its classic nature, I think Super Mario 3 is a game everyone should play.

Tomorrow: Day 13, A Game You’ve Played More Than Once


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