30 Days of Video Games: Day 13, a game you’ve played more than once

Okay, okay, you caught me.  I’m back posting.  But May 13th was a bit full, being Mother’s Day and all.  Bard and I spent the first part of the day with his mother, and the second part with mine.  So I’m doing two posts in one day so I don’t get too behind and have to do three… and then get SO behind I just don’t want to keep going.

So.  A game I’ve played more than once.

I like playing and replaying games; I like a game with a high replay value because I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth when I go through it and discover new things again and again.  I’d done several runs on Metroid Prime back in the day, to get various percentages or try sequence breaking, or increase the difficulty.  But in the last year I discovered Dragon Age, and I’m all about playing and replaying that one.

The worst part of it is I don’t want to replay the other origins and try beating it as a mage and warrior as well as a rogue.  I just want to play my Cousland rogue and romance Alistair and live sort of happily ever after.  I’ve played a Fianna-centric story through twice–once to play the game, the other to get dialogue etc. for my fanfic.  And I have a third playthrough on my PC that I’m using to get screenshots for it all.  Obsessed?  Yes.  I admit it and I’m okay with it.

But I just can’t seem to stop playing that game that way, and I love it.  I did play all the origin stories to get the achievement, but didn’t connect to any of the others.  Part of it is I attach to a character and work almost exclusively with that character (whether in a game, RP, or original story) for a very long time.  I nearly died in the D&D game I’m playing with MLHawke the other night and I had no inclination to create another character because I was just too used to my half-elf rogue.  To create someone new to play through til the end of the campaign, which should be wrapping up soon, just wasn’t something I wanted to do.  And though I’ve tried different characters in Dragon Age Origins, I just keep going back to Fianna.

I do have a female mage game going sort of… I’m using her as my ‘achievement whore’.  I just want to rack up achievements, so I’m using her to that end.  But in terms of doing much of anything else, or getting interested in the game or attached to the romance or into the story?  Not so much.  But with six different origins, four different romance options, and multitudes of ways the endgame can play out, Dragon Age Origins is full of replay value.

And yes, part of that replay value is shirtless Alistair.  Ahem.

Later on tonight: Day 14, Current or most recent gaming wallpaper.  At least that’s an easy one!


2 comments on “30 Days of Video Games: Day 13, a game you’ve played more than once

  1. Well, if we count MMOs, then Lord of the Rings Online. I have almost 30 characters, and I probably have over a year of play time on them if you add them all up. (And yes, almost all of those characters have a backstory, and a voice in my head…and they will sometimes sit there in my head and argue with each other. I worry about me sometimes.)

    But if we don’t, then Dragon Age Origins for me, too. I have over 600 hours logged on that game, according to my Steam account. I’ve played all the origins at least to Ostagar, and my little achievement whore M!Cousland romanced everybody except Alistair, because all my other characters had Alistiar covered. *Ahem*.

  2. Likely a tie: Final Fantasy VI (3 playthroughs), Dragon Age: Origins (3 playthroughs). And yeah, if we count online games, I have 500 hours logged in Guild Wars over 5 characters, so that’s definitely the game I’ve played and replayed the most.

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