30 Days of Video Games: Day 19, Game Setting I Wish I Lived In

This one’s a little tough, because I feel that all game settings have something about them that make them unique and enjoyable.  This question actually came up on Grey Wardens recently.  They asked which setting we’d rather live in: Dragon Age or Mass Effect.  I wasn’t sure.  Whether it’s the dystopian Art Deco of Rapture, the rugged lands of Ferelden, the vast galaxies of Mass Effect or Halo, or the rough Old West of Red Dead Redemption, each one has something appealing to it.  I mean, ME and Halo, and probably Rapture, will at least have toilets, so that’s something.

But upon thinking about it more, I decided I’d like to live in Skyrim.

I know it too probably doesn’t have plumbing or working toilets.  But everything about traveling through Skyrim reminds me of Iceland.  The soaring mountains plummeting into frozen seas; the desolate yet beautiful tundra; the simple towns; the untouched shorelines.

There’s a raw beauty to Skyrim.  I could (and have) spend hours just walking around enjoying the landscape.  Add to the fact that the music is so beautiful and just evokes what’s happening with it, and it’s a wonderful setting in which to immerse oneself.

So yeah, there are dragons, which does put a damper on things.  But still.

Come on.  Who wouldn’t want to live there?

Tomorrow: Day 20, Favorite Genre.  Or, 2/3 in!!


6 comments on “30 Days of Video Games: Day 19, Game Setting I Wish I Lived In

  1. It is pretty. Too chilly though!
    Ferelden might be fun if we could oust the current theocracy.
    Or better yet, Nevarra.
    (Although everything I know about the latter is from B. Genitivi’s article – never seen it.)

    • Hehe, see, I went to Iceland in February and LOVED it! It was cold. It snowed a foot while I was there. And it was chilly and cold and beautiful. It felt just right, but then again, I love the cold. I hear friends say they’re going someplace tropical for a honeymoon and I think that if I ever had a honeymoon I’d want to go somewhere like back to Iceland, or down to the Falklands, or even Antarctica, hehe.

      • Mister Man wants to live in a tropical area.
        I say tropical breeds creepy-crawlies of the unusual size variety. No, thank you!

        Personally, PDX or someplace temperate sounds fabulous. Seasons? Actual, honest-to-goodness seasons?

  2. “ME and Halo, and probably Rapture, will at least have toilets, so that’s something.”

    I love to death that this is your standard! As you once said to me: “Priorites: we has them.”


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