30 Days of Video Games: Day 20, Favorite Genre

I’ve never been one of those types to have a favorite genre; I look at my bookshelves and see an equal spread of classic literature, fantasy, and general fiction and nonfiction.  I look at my DVDs and see action/adventure, fantasy, comedy, animated… all sorts of films.  So when I have to think about my favorite game genre, I naturally look to my game shelf and see shooters, RPGs, and action/adventure games.  I don’t prefer any one type over the other, so choosing a favorite genre is a bit difficult for me.

I could say I like the involvement that shooters give.  When I play Halo, I am Master Chief or Noble 6, slaughtering the Covenant forces and loving every minute of it.  When I play Left 4 Dead, I’m constantly on the move for fear of more undead rushing out of the shadows and killing me.  With BioShock, which is a combination shooter/RPG, I’m actually there, in Rapture.

But when I play something like Mass Effect or Dragon Age, my choices are having a direct effect on the storyline.  In effect, I’m creating the story as I go.  The protagonist is my character, and I’m guiding him or her through this strange land trying to unite different races against one common enemy.  When I’m playing Skyrim I’m immersed in the world of Skyrim and helping to shape the future of that land one dragon soul at a time.  There’s something very gratifying about that.

So I think in the end, really, my favorite genre comes down to what I’m in the mood to play and the kind of experience I want.  Each genre serves a different purpose, so I can’t really narrow down what I like best.  So in the interest of brevity, I simply won’t try to do it.  I will stick to playing the games I like because I like them, not because they’re the latest shooter/RPG/survival-horror/whathaveyou.  I know there are people out there who have favorite genres and will play any RPG or whatnot they can get their hands on, but I think for me personally I can’t really narrow it down.

And all it takes is one look at my bookshelves or DVD shelves to prove that to be true.

Next: Day 21, Game with the best story.


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