Using My Scroll of “Raise Dead”

I’m not dead yet.  Honestly.  I realized it’s been months since I blogged, and I keep thinking I should start again but am not sure how.  Ideas come to mind and I wonder if it’s worth starting again.  Then I have to tell myself that it is, and it’s for the best and the best way to start up again is to just do it.

Since the summer, when I last blogged, a lot has happened.  At that time I was dating Bard, a wonderful man who is into gaming and a talented Irish harper.  In July he proposed, and that has set off a whirlwind of activity!  Now I’m planning a wedding, which is busy in and of itself.  I’m pretty organized anyway: I’ve planned events on a large scale before, so I have my ducks in a row and I’m doing fine with the planning.  My future mother in law says I’m the calmest bride she’s ever seen, even!  But that also means many other things: in the fall I moved.  Bard lives an hour away from my current job, and we had some things to work out, so I didn’t move in with him for this school year.  But my family lives close to my old apartment, and my lease was up at the end of October, so I wound up moving in with them until the wedding.  I HATE moving, but Bard and his family and our friends and my family were very helpful, so in the last few months I’ve been living at home with my parents and my cats.

It’s not bad at all.  I have my own space in the house, which has been good for costuming, since PAX East season is upon me!

Work’s been quite crazy, as I’m co-advising the senior class this year in addition to my regular teaching responsibilities.  Things have improved substantially at my place of employment over last year, so it’s looking like I’ll commute next year.  Next year’s my tenth year teaching in that district, so it’s pretty vital that I put in that final year.

So there’s been a lot going on: major life changes and the like, and it’s crazy, but it’s all good.

PAX East is this upcoming weekend, and I’m costuming again this year.  I’ll blog more about this, but let’s say that a year, improved skills and materials, and a sewing machine make a big difference in my costume outcomes!  This year’s PAX East schedule looks interesting as well, and I’ve compiled a good schedule of events and panels to go to.

I’m hoping to start blogging more, now that I’m over this major hurdle of just starting up again… and I promise not to spam too many wedding details.  This is about gaming and writing and overall being a cynic, after all!


3 comments on “Using My Scroll of “Raise Dead”

  1. Good to see you back! I’v let my own blog lag behind, but that’s mostly because I was busy graduating and getting my first full-time job! Time to start searching for some good blog topics again 🙂

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