A Wild JayRain Approaches!

1. Who is JayRain?

JayRain is a high school teacher by day and a writer by night.  Her students gave her the nickname “J Rain” because that’s how she showed up on their schedules, and it stuck.

2. Why “Gamer, Writer, Cynic”?

I’ve been gaming since I first played Pac Man on an Atari at the age of five; I’ve been writing since I wrote my first book, “Me-Me Soup”, for young author’s day in kindergarten at the age of five and a half.  And I’ve been a cynic since… well… yeah.

3. So are you going to rant all the time?

Nope.  Just part of the time.  I identify as a geek/nerd as well as an academic.  While I do love a spectacular rant, at the same time I like analyzing how things work, or speculating on how they may work.

4. Then what are you going to write about?

Gaming, in its various forms… writing, since I got my MFA in 2009 and should really be out querying agents and publishers… and the cynical part is a catch-all for some of my silly, random observations about life.

5. Where else can I find your stuff?

How nice of you to ask! 

Fanfiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/~JayRain

Dragon Age: http://www.greywardens.com, where I go by JRain.

And finally, I love engaging in discussion, so feel free to leave comments!


7 comments on “A Wild JayRain Approaches!

  1. Jay Rain = Very cool pen name. Very good blog here. Been captivated all afternoon. Keep at it.

    P.S. Where were the cool teachers like you when I was going to school?

    • Thank you, on both accounts! Gaming definitely gives me a lot to think about and hence write about… as does life in general. As for cool teachers… some exist, but we’re kind of rare and mythical. Like unicorns.

    • Thank you so much! That’s extremely high praise, since AJ’s blog is really great. I’ve been immersed in a project (building “studded leather” armor for a convention coming up) so I haven’t been blogging as much, but I hope to remedy that soon, and that it does not disappoint. Thanks again! 🙂

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